Truck Wash

Feel Like the King of the Road with a Clean Truck

Feel Like the King of the Road with a Clean Truck

Premier truck washing services in Texarkana, AR

Afraid you won't have enough time to wash your truck before your next big trip? Take 15 minutes in your busy schedule to stop by TWA Chrome Shop/Truck Wash. Our expert staff offers a professional wash for your truck, van, tractor or trailer. Get your truck washed without raising a finger, so you can get back to what’s important.
We operate two bays and have six to eight staff members all committed to getting your truck clean as quickly as possible. Count on our experts to take good care of your vehicle and return it to you in pristine condition.
Our wash process:
• Spray down your automobile
• Mitt wash to preserve your paint job
• Blow dry your vehicle
• Fresh wash with new water
• Detailing
TWA Chrome Shop/Truck Wash is home to the 15-minute wash in Texakana, AR. Trust us to get your car in and out in no time.

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